All Governments are Dictatorships

Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times

All Governments are Criminal Enterprises

Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator

We All Dance to the Devil’s Tune

I don’t think so, but the evidence is that many of us are fully engaged in supporting the system that oppresses us because we want to live better (more affluent) lives and the only way to achieve that relative affluence is to serve the system. The lawyer who defends the poor serves the system. The doctor who treats the poor serves the system. The teacher who tries to imbue a higher consciousness in the student also serves the system. Reporters serve the system that abuses them. The garbage man who collects the garbage serves the system.

Working Within the System to Change the System

People like you ask people like me to show them an alternative, to provide a remedy where no remedy exists. For generations, people like you have encouraged people like me to “work within the system to change the system.” My experiences working within the system is that the system borrows your soul and never gives it back again. How has that been working out for you? It sucks for me.

Why I No Longer Promote Revolution

I do not promote violent revolution because with only ONE notable exception, revolutions always lead to greater repression and less freedom. We were that exception, at least for a little while. While we extol the virtues of our New Constitution, we lose sight of the fact that we were far more free under the Articles of Confederation than we are under the Constitution.

The Impossible Tribe

No social organization larger than the tribe can ever be a free society, and tribal societies were only free because if you didn’t like the tribal society you were in, you were always free to leave and start your own society.

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider

The Stacked Deck We’re Being Dealt From

We — all of us — really want to believe the power of the ballot, even though we know that the deck is stacked against us and that that the dealer is crooked. The media is owned by the advertisers. The winners are always going to be those who control the media, because the media controls the vote, not the other way around. Yes, Donald Trump spent less in 2016 than Hillary Clinton, but he got eight times more media coverage than Clinton got. It turns out that the media is driven by the media itself. The more attention you get, the more media you get.

Hints Toward a Solution

One hundred years ago, Henry Ford hit upon a marketing model that turned his struggling automobile company into an industry giant. It was a very simple idea. He paid his workers enough so that, with the company discount, they could afford to buy his cars. How many of Elon Musk’s employees can afford to buy a Tesla? (That’s why he’s struggling to turn out the Model 3, the car his employees can afford.)

The Inescapable Conundrum

Without the concentration of capital, it is impossible to build cooperative models to compete with capitalist models. Therefore, into order to defeat capitalism, the people who believe in collective cooperation (a much nicer term than socialism) must be become capitalists in order to finance their socialist dreams, and once you dip your toe into that capitalist pool something reaches up from the depths and pulls you all the way in. Happens all the time.

Alan is a poet, journalist, short story writer, editor, website developer, and political activist. He is the executive editor of

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