As someone who was actually ON the House Un-American Activities Committee list in 1968 (or so I have been told because I have never actually seen it), I have some perspectives about the differences between a McCarthy-like witch hunt and legitimate investigations:

  1. McCarthy wasn’t a duly authorized investigator. He was a senator who was using his attacks as a springboard to a presidential bid. He had no legal authority to investigate anything…and he was ultimately repudiated by the Subcommittee on the Investigation of Loyalty of State Department Employees (also known as the Tydings Committee) which was established specifically to investigate McCarthy’s allegations. The fact remains that McCarthy’s witch hunt was an unauthorized fishing expedition.
  2. Robert Mueller is a duly authorized investigator impaneled by the current Republican administration to investigate widespread charges of various frauds associated with the 2016 presidential election, for which there is abundant documentary evidence, including meetings between the members of the Trump team and representatives of the Russian government before, during and after the 2016 election. There are literally tens of thousands of emails that indicate various degrees of collusion between members of Trump’s administration and representatives of the Russian government.
  3. Unlike McCarthy’s unfounded accusations for which no documentary support was ever supplied, Mueller’s investigators are operating in full view of the media and the public. More importantly, General Michael Flynn and White House adviser George Papadopoulos have already pleaded guilty to charges that they lied to the FBI about conversations they had with the Russian ambassador DURING THE TRANSITION PERIOD.
  4. This means that both men were in felonious violation of the Logan Act because they were not employees of the U.S. government.
  5. Donald Trump as the president elect had no right to instruct them to conduct such conversations, which makes him an accessory before the fact to the violation of the Logan Act.
  6. These three facts make it abundantly clear that the Mueller investigation bears no resemblance to the either the Army-McCarthy hearings or to the Tydings Committee investigations. The first of these consisted of a series of unsupported allegations although one senator did commit suicide during those proceedings. The second investigation repudiated the “investigator.”
  7. On the basis of these incontrovertible facts, it is abundantly clear that you are a god-damned fucking idiot who doesn’t know what he the fuck he is talking about and who prefers his own facts to the generally accepted ones in now in circulation.

Alan is a poet, journalist, short story writer, editor, website developer, and political activist. He is the executive editor of

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