We are living through a period of chaotic destabilization that is being deliberately enacted by a cadre of Social Darwinists who absolutely believe that they are saving the world by shattering the existing economic, political, and religious systems to create a vacuum into which they can inject an oligarchical system with a “president” who will be for all intents and purposes a hereditary dictator.

Every democratic experiment in the history of the world — with one glaring exception (Switzerland) — has eventually devolved from a democracy into a dictatorship under the pressure of a succession of manufactured crises.

Evolutionary Dictatorships (in which the dictator is either elected into office or assumes dictatorial powers through a coup) evolve into hereditary dictatorships in which the dictator names a successor who is either a blood relative, a relative by marriage, or a member of the ruling party.

By the time this process goes through three generations, the titular monarchy becomes an actual monarchy, which is when the dictatorial system breaks down as incompetent successors come to the throne, eventually resulting in a democratic revolution, which starts the process all over again. If you have been paying attention over the past few years, you can see exactly how this is being done.

The mistake that most “liberals” make is that they assume the driving force behind these oligarchic forces is the continued accumulation of wealth. That is a fallacy. The rich are already so rich that they couldn’t give away their money fast enough to avoid becoming even richer. They need no help from the government to become richer. The driving force behind oligarchic systems is the consolidation of power and authority for the specific purpose of gaining control over the masses.

There is always a philosophical system behind the oligarchy. The philosophical orientation of the present oligarchical movement is the aforementioned Social Darwinism, a belief that it is appropriate for the strong to succeed by taking wealth from the weak. The philosophers driving this movement are Adolf Hitler and Ayn Rand, with Hitler providing the model for the leader and Rand providing the intellectual justification for the Social Darwinists belief that it is proper for the rich to starve the poor into oblivion because they don’t need us any more.

The new corporate state doesn’t need the millions of unemployed people who are living on the public dole. This includes the millions of us who are on Social Security and Medicare. We are the dead weight that the oligarchy no longer wishes to carry the burden of. You don’t even have to read beyond the title of her book to know what Ayn Rand was proposing in Atlas Shrugged. The title says it all.

In 2007, Naomi Klein delineated the exact process through which economic cabals create dictatorships in her book, The Shock Doctrine. We are presently seeing the Shock Doctrine at work in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and several other South American countries that are degenerating into dictatorships. We see it in the Middle East, as strong men are deposed, leaving chaos in their wake, creating an environment for new strong men to emerge. We have seen it in Russia and China, where their presumably democratically “elected” leaders are in actuality leaders for life, holding the economic and military power to maintain themselves in power indefinitely. We have seen the succession of dictatorships in Cuba, as one brother passes off his power to another.

And, now, we are seeing it here, as an unpopular president creates one crisis after another out of whole cloth, spinning from one false premise to another, destabilizing foreign policies, domestic affairs, the budgeting process, and hinting that maybe being president for life wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Democracy is and always has been an unstable political structure. A republic differs from a democracy because a republic substitutes the will of a permanently elected and re-re-elected elite for the will of the people. Republics, despite their good public relations, are nothing more than dictatorship by the collective rather than the individual despot.

In the movie, The Patriot, Mel Gibson’s character repeats the often-used rationale for not rebelling against King George: “Why should I exchange one dictator, ten thousand miles away for ten thousand dictators one mile away.?”

That was the anti-democratic argument that terrified our so-called founders, and caused them to create a system in which the elite could control the masses, as they have been doing since 1789, when Washington assumed the office of president.

Washington knew that the democratic experiment had already failed by the time he entered his second term, as factional parties began vying for control over the Republic. Despite the historical lie that he left office head held high, he actually left office physically, emotionally and financially exhausted, having once been the richest man in the colonies, and his final act, refusing a third third and refusing to take sides in the presidential election of 1798 between Thomas Jefferson, his former secretary of state, and John Adams, his own vice president, was his silent protest against the devolution of the democracy into the republic.

Donald Trump isn’t an anomaly, an accident of history. He is a symptom of an ongoing historical process that will result in the erosion of our civil liberties and a manufactured series of extinction events that will reduce the world’s population through war, famine, disease and corruption that will leave behind a technological, oligarchic system in which the very rich will have willing armies of hundreds of thousands of “employees” who are being reduced to the level of serfdom and who will vote for and fight for their oligarchic dictators as if their lives depended upon them….because they do.

The oligarchs rule because they control the paychecks and the health care of their employees. Without the power of the unions to protect them, workers become wage slaves again.

If you want to see this depicted fully, in a fictional form, read Jonathan Rabb’s 1998 novel, “The Overseer.” Be sure to read the manifesto that begins on page 433 but do read the novel before you read the manifesto. Then, for extra credit, read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (if you can stomach them) by Ayn Rand. Together, these two novels lay out the elitist argument that the “makers” should be in charge of the governing process. Substitute “job creators” for “makers” and you have the current Republican argument but it’s still stemming from Ayn Rand.

This is what we are currently living through. I won’t live to see the fruition of these machinations, but my life partner and my son will, and I fear for them as i fear for you.

Alan is a poet, journalist, short story writer, editor, website developer, and political activist. He is the executive editor of

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