So far, the Coronavirus is a pimple compared to the seasonal flu in terms of the actual number of deaths attributed to the various conditions.

The suggestion that we should stockpile WATER is ludicrous. Tap water right out of the tap is probably safe because the indications are that this is an airborne virus. If you are really paranoid, boil water before drinking it, and don’t share glasses or containers of water or other beverages. Basic common sense.

Stockpiling food only makes sense because it will cut down on visits to the supermarket, a possible point of contact for contagion. However, if the epidemic truly takes hold, a two-week supply of food is not going to be sufficient.

By the way, don’t buy anything that needs refrigeration. Most residential refrigerators and freezers cannot hold two week’s worth of fresh food. Buy canned goods, which have a shelf life of years, not days.

Stockpiling prescription medicines is only feasible for prescriptions that permit filling 90-day supplies. Most critical medications — the ones that people really need — are usually 30-day prescriptions.

I just heard about another one. The CDC is recommending that men shave off their facial hair on the premise that facial hair could catch and hold onto microbes. Yes, but I don’t often eat my own facial hair so, unless you are positing transdermal transmission of the coronavirus (which would mean that we are all well and truly fucked) I have to wonder what research substantiates this recommendation since most of the victims so far have been of Chinese ethnicity and Chinese men rarely have facial hair.

Aside from that a great article, even if most of it was lifted directly from a previously published press release.

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