The Coup d’état in the Trump White House

Today, the New York Times published an anonymous article by a purported member of the Trump Administration that tells us that they are in control of the Oval Office and that we need not fear Donald Trump.

I believe that this is a legitimately sourced first person article by someone in the Trump administration. I believe that because I don’t believe that the NY Times has the balls to invent this story out of whole cloth. No journalist would ever invent something like this. Therefore, this is a real thing. No question about it.

This is also, however, the most dangerous political moment in our lifetimes because it could quite literally put us on the verge of martial law.

The unnamed author of the article states: “That is why many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic traditions….”

To WHOM exactly have these men and women secretly pledged themselves. Obviously, they have pledged themselves to EACH OTHER because there is no other entity to whom they could make such a vow.

That statement clearly indicates that there is a CONSERVATIVE cabal within the Trump administration that is dedicated to thwarting some of Trump’s proposed actions but not others. So, these unnamed co-conspirators are actively working to undermine the authority of a sitting president of the United States. In effect, then, they have already usurped the legal authority of the incumbent president.

No sitting president could conceivably allow his or her authority to be challenged, much less interdicted, in this manner by an unelected (assuming that Vice President Pence is not one of the conspirators) cadre of highly placed presidential appointees who have access to the Oval Office and therefore, among other things, access to the devices that control our thermonuclear weapons since that hardware is always within arm’s reach of the president.

And yet that seems to be the case.

We are now in the position of having sitting president who does not have control over his own office and therefore does not have control over the terrifying powers that the American president has at his disposal. If the sitting president is not in control, then who is?

In point of fact, what this anonymous letter tells us is that we are now being ruled by an unelected cabal of right wing authoritarians. What this letter tells us is that we are in the midst of a coup d’état or, more accurately, that we are already living under the illegitimate rule of a nameless, faceless cabal of usurpers.

I did not vote for President Trump. I would vote for his impeachment if I ever had that opportunity. I think that President Trump is quite possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. I believe that his mis-use of presidential executive orders and his threatened abuse of the presidential power to pardon criminals convicted in federal courts, along with his insane tax cuts and his threats against Social Security and Medicare justify his removal from office.

However, I did not vote for these anonymous conspirators either, nor do I believe that they have the best interests of the nation in their hearts. I believe they feel like the man who has tried to ride a tiger and has realized there is no way to dismount from a tiger without being killed.

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