Donald Trump at the Western Wall, Jerusalem


We are living in the end times, and Donald Trump has been cast in the role of The Savior, but there was a misprint in the program.

Donald Trump is the anti-Christ.

Donald Trump is the false messiah to whom millions will flock, seeking salvation, only to get a lethal dose of his hate disguised as love.

The harbingers are all in place, looming over us. The horses’ hooves you hear late at night? Those are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, getting ready for their final ride.

Trump is a vile deceiver who deceives everyone in the search for something that will fill up the empty void where his soul should be.

And you, out there, to the extent that you make excuses for him, you are complicit in every evil act that he commits.

I am personally fed up with people who believe that Trump is good for the nation because Trump has been good for THEM, and Trump has been good for millions of people because their portfolios have increased in value since he took office. (Never mind the fact that he’s still riding on the coattails of Obama’s economic recovery. No one wants to hear about that.)

No, I don’t think the Democrats are the solution. Personally, I think their campaign platform is hopelessly, Polyannishly, simple-mindedly ridiculous…but they are the only game in town.

If you vote for a third-party candidate, you are inevitably going to be voting for Donald Trump. It has happened over and over again, but people still keep doing it because they think they have to show some moral strength or moral courage, or moral something or other.

Guess what? No one knows how you voted, and no one gives a shit either. You are only a leader in your own mind.

When asked, I will admit that I will vote for whomever the Democrats shove up on that stage, but I already know that I am going to hate him or her, regardless of which one ends up grabbing the brass ring, because the Democrats are going to sweep into office without enough votes in the Senate to accomplish anything if, indeed, they even win the White House.

Simple fact of life: anyone who is stupid enough to want to be president is TOO STUPID TO BE PRESIDENT.

As far as I am concerned, the platform should be very simple: Protect Social Security. Yes, I’m a baby boomer but, guess what, if you are forty or fifty years old, and you don’t think that Social Security will be there for you…guess again, because Social Security is helping you out right now. It’s supporting your parents in their retirement, just as it would have supported you in your retirement, if only you had been smart enough to protect Social Security when you had the chance. I guess you haven’t thought about this enough.

Medicare. Leave it alone. Private insurance? Leave it alone. The facts are that everyone in this country gets primary or emergency medical care as needed. That’s the law. However, that doesn’t go far enough.

So, do two things: Open up Medicare to younger people and let them buy into the system with a monthly payment that will less…a lot less…than what they are paying now for health insurance, and make it available to everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions. And for those people who can’t pay, subsidize them instead of trying to create a whole new system. In other words, be more like Europe, which has not outlawed private insurance. They just made it a whole lot less attractive.

As for everything else, it can wait. No, it really can wait. I don’t care what your pet issue is, it can wait. We are hanging on by our toenails here and some people want the moon, the stars and everything else by the middle of next week. It took decades to create this mess. It is going to take time to fix it.

The environment. The climate. Whatever you want to call it, stop pretending that you have the solution, because you don’t. Solar alone can’t do it. Wind alone can’t do it. People who want a 100% electrical power system by the middle of next week won’t be getting it until the end of this century. We need to build 160,000 power stations for electric vehicles in the US alone (the same number as the number of gas stations.) So far we have 20,000. It takes five minutes to fill up a gas tank. The absolute fastest charging times for an electric vehicle hover between 10 and twenty minutes (to 80 percent; full charge can take 8 to 12 hours on some systems.)

And don’t forget, you are going to have to generate ADDITIONAL electricity to feed those charging stations, over and above what we need for everyday use.

But wait, wasn’t this about politics? You bet it is, because the really big question is, “Who is going to build those charging stations and those power generators. Where is the money going to come from? (Whisper it softly: capitalism.)

So, the bottom line is that Gerta Thunberg isn’t a genius and Donald Trump isn’t a moron. He doesn’t do the things he does because he’s stupid. He does them because he really is the anti-Christ.

Here’s the question that should really terrify you: If Donald Trump is the anti-Christ, where the hell is the Messiah when you really need him?

Oh, I see. You thought that Barack Obama was the anti-Christ and Donald Trump was the Savior. Or maybe you thought that Hillary Clinton was the anti-Christ and Donald Trump, once again, was the savior.

Wait a minute? Doesn’t the Messiah have to be a Jew, a descendant of King David’s? Jesus was reputedly a descendant of King David (on his mother’s side, of course), so shouldn’t the new Messiah also be descended from the House of David?)

Donald Trump is a lot of things…but he definitely isn’t Jewish.