The first thing that Medium did wrong was publishing this in the first place. The second thing Medium did wrong was that they didn’t issue a warning that this report was written for the American Enterprise Institute, which is one of the foremost conservative Republican think tanks behind most of the repressive moves being made by the Trump Administration. Once you know that, everything else falls into place.

Adding bullshit to injury, this report fails to mention that the reason Baby Boomers are so concerned about their paid-for benefits such as Medicare and Social Security is that they are under attack by the Republican Right, which is constantly seeking to undermine or simply eliminate those basic human service programs that were bought and paid for by their recipients.

Adding dis-ingenuity to the bullshit, this article also fails to mention that the American Enterprise Institute is at the forefront of the Republican campaign to destroy the safety net to which older Americans are justifiably ENTITLED by virtue of having paid into those entitlement programs for forty to fifty years.

The final inequity in this screed is the implication that Baby Boomers are Democrats, and are therefore responsible for Democratic policies. Being a Baby Boomer is a function of age and date of birth. It is not a predictor of political preferences.

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