The good news about this article is that it accurately describes the key issue affecting interstellar travel. It is impossible because the amount of fuel required to power an interstellar voyage, even to the closest stars, exceeds the capacity of the vehicle to carry the fuel required to make the trip. It also touches on a second problem: no known propulsion system can push any physical object with significant mass faster than the speed of light. (There are many “things” that travel faster than light. None of them are organic.)

Surely there must be unknown propulsion devices that can achieve super light velocities. There probably are, but then there is no known method for slowing them down to sub light velocities.

I have a theory that these electromagnetic bursts are in fact resulting from attempts by other civilizations to achieve faster than light speeds….with unfortunate results. Einstein’s equations suggest that if an object with mass exceeds the speed of light, it’s mass becomes infinite. Another definition of an object whose mass has become infinite is a a massive explosion. What we may be seeing are vehicles achieving light speed and paying the price, infinite expansion of mass from which there is no return.

Alan is a poet, journalist, short story writer, editor, website developer, and political activist. He is the executive editor of

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