Why Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere

As a life-long Democrat, I am fed up with the party. (I’m actually a life-long socialist who is forced to vote Democratic by the political realities we’re living in.)

I am fed up with the stupid knee jerk patterns, with Democrats salivating at the prospect of getting rid of Trump. That is not going to happen.

Regardless of what Lawrence Tribe thinks as he attempts to read the minds of the framers of the Constitution who have been dead for more than 200 years, a sitting president cannot be indicted.

He cannot be indicted by the Attorney General of the United States because the Attorney general works for him and can be dismissed at any time, as we have seen.

He cannot be indicted by any other federal prosecutor because federal prosecutors all work for the Attorney General, nor could they even get a warrant to impose an indictment since the Justice Department does not believe that a sitting president can be indicted or tried for any crime while in office.

That leaves the Attorneys General of the 50 states, most of whom would not have standing because Trump didn’t commit any crimes in their jurisdictions. The only AGs who might have causes of action would be in New York, New Jersey and Florida (and maybe Michigan and DC itself)…but I don’t know how they would ever be able to serve their warrants.

The U.S. Marshals have tremendous powers. They could actually walk into the White House and serve a warrant…but they work for the Justice Department and can only serve federal warrants issued by a federal court.

Any attempt to indict Trump in any jurisdiction would be fought up to the highest court in the land, where Trump has a clear five-vote majority in hand and may soon have a sixth vote if Ruth Bader Ginsberg gives up the ghost. Win, lose or draw, it will take years for that legal wrangle to unravel.

The Democrats don’t have the votes in the Senate to confirm the impeachment that they could launch from the House of Representatives, which is the definition of a Pyrrhic victory, win the battle, lose the war.

There is zero chance that the Democrats can pick up the16 2020 Senate seats they need to convict Trump on a bill of impeachment if Trump is re-elected…and he is very likely to win re-election because the Democrats are already tearing each other to shreds.

The Democrats have to protect 11 seats that they have at risk in the Senate in 2020 AND pick up 16 more seats from the Republicans. That’s a total of 27 seats…for a party that is obsessed with the presidential primaries while it ignores the all-important Senate races.

If the Democrats go to the polls with a platform that includes a basic income stipend for all Americans, student loan cancellation for the former students who were ripped off by the system, free tuition for this generation of students, reparations programs for the descendants of slaves, reparations for native people (how can you do the one without the other?), massive reductions in military spending, and so on and so forth….they will lose the 2020 election.

Let’s look at one of these hairbrained proposals for a minute: the guaranteed monthly income of $1,000 for each American. Now, I understand that the people who are proposing this only intend to give those stipends to people below the poverty line but that is, of course, discriminatory and unconstitutional for any number of reasons.

Suffice it to say that we would end up giving 325,000,000 Americans $12,000 a year EACH. That comes to $3,9,0000,000,000 or $3.9 TRILLION which is more than the entire federal budget for 2018.

Any party that goes to the polls with these crazy ideas is going lose at the polls. They will lose the presidency. They will lose the Senate. They will keep the House. They may gain some more of the seats lost in the state legislatures but they will not accomplish the big changes they want to make.

What the American people really want are guarantees that their jobs won’t be shipped overseas, that they won’t be replaced by robots, that their Social Security will be there for them when it is their turn to collect, that we will all have access to the same quality of health care that members of Congress get at the same cost, and that the very rich give back the tax breaks that Trump gave them.

That’s what the American people really want, along with a guarantee that our Constitutional protections will remain unfucked with.

Look, I’m no genius. I’m just a second rate poet (and maybe that’s even too generous) with a second rate education. If I can figure this shit out, so can the majority of the American people.

Alan is a poet, journalist, short story writer, editor, website developer, and political activist. He is the executive editor of BindleSnitch.com.

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